KKL History

KKL was established in 1952, and has been flourishing ever since for over half a century. Over this period, the company has gone through four major periods - Founding, Development, Prosperous, and Transitional periods.

1. Founding Period:

General Hu Lian appointed Colonel Xin-Chun Zhou to oversee the construction of (and to later direct) the first distillery, originally known as the "Jioulong River Distillery". When the Fukien Provincial Government relocated to Taiwan in 1956, it was renamed as "Kinmen Distillery".

2. Development Period:

This stage saw the increase in production capacity and KKL formally became a Government monopoly. During this time, KKL entered the international scene for the first time and was sold overseas, gaining great reputation.

3. Prosperous Period:

When the "Kinmen Liquor, one unity retailing program", came into effect, sales of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor was pushed to a record high, marking the start of the most prosperous era.

4. Transitional Period:

The company was formally privatized and reformed as Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. During this period, by actively recruiting new talent from all areas, escalating its advanced technology and developing new products, it brought a fresh wave of energy into the company. Above all, customer-oriented management is our company's philosophy and remained the number one priority.