Production Process

The manufacturing process of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor is divided into 3 major stages: Ferment-making, Fermentation and distillation, Packaging.

1. Ferment-making:

Using locally grown wheat as the raw materials, through a process of: Milling → Blending with water → Making ferment bricks → Ferment Cultivation → Bricks Stacking → Ferment Grinding → Addition into kaoliang sorghum for Fermentation.

2. Fermentation and distillation:

Using the Kinmen natively grown kaoliang as the raw material, through a process of: Soaking → Steaming → Cooling → Mix with Ferment → Fermentation → First distillation → Re-Mix with Ferment → Second Fermentation → Second Distillation → Brewing Completed.

3. Packaging:

The products of the First and Second distillations are blended to achieve its appropriate strength, after which the liquor is allowed to mature in a cellar removing the unpleasant flavors of the mash. If the liquor passes rigorous quality assurance tests, only then is it packaged and sold.